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ChromaLuxe Aluminum metal prints offer unsurpassed color vibrancy, exceptional detail and color resolution

Vibrant image reproduction

3D depth of image
Fade resistant
Lasts up to twice as long as the leading archival photo paper
Will not yellow with age 
Stain, scratch and abrasion resistant. 
Can be cleaned with ammonia, bleach, acetone, rubbing alcohol, glass and all-purpose cleaners.

Sleek, Light-Weight, Smart

A unique, warm, and thoughtful gift for your loved ones to share your great memories from any occasion, and a decorative reminder of special moments for yourself.
Printed using dye-sublimation technology for the most long-lasting, vivid, and finest imagery

Exception detail and color resolution

Extremely durable and easy to care for and clean: the print is protected within the material of the sturdy aluminum panel with waterproof, UV-durable and scratch-resistant coating finish.
Sleek appearance and lightweight. Looks great on desk, table, countertop, etc, and can easily be displayed on walls with aluminum frame that is mounted to the back of the metal panel 

Aluminium Photo Prints – for Those who Appreciate Elegance

Truly Exceptional Image Sharpness

Your aluminium photo print will reproduce your most vivid photo memory down to the smallest detail. Your image will be resplendent with the highest level of sharpness and best resolution possible. Your photo on aluminium will be simply radiant, thanks to state-of-the-art printing technology able to produce brilliant colours and contrasts.

Metal Prints that are Built to Endure

Printing on Aluminium for A Premium Wall Decoration

The photo on aluminium is an elegant design that will serve as a focal point on any wall. The aluminium backing will highlight the most beautiful photos from your collection. Your photo on aluminium will look as if it’s floating on the wall thanks to a hidden hanging system. Design a personalised photo on aluminium using your most stunning image and create a unique art object.